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At some point I will get around to putting these into proper galleries with some commentary; in the meantime.... These are the beginnings of some photographic projects I'm working on (slowly). Stuff has been shot, variously, on a Nikon F2, Konica s2, Holga, Nikonos 1, Mamiya RB67, Nikon D100 and (the vast majority, since 2008) on a Nikon D40. The black and white is all developed at home and scanned to digital files on cheap flat-bed scanners; the digital has mostly been post-processed in GIMP, and is provided as 85% .jpegs. So 16 bit color and a fair amount of fine detail is lost. The raw files are available for higher-quality post-processing, should that be necessary. I am trying to start file naming convention RXXX.XXXX.YY-MM-DD.hhmm.cameratype.title_if_any.file_extension, where hhmm is 24hour timestamp, RXXX is the consectutive 'roll' number (i.e. the digital equivalent of a roll---the 'download'), and XXXX is the shot number on each roll. For digital, this is the automatic camera numbering, e.g. DSC_0001; for film it is the frame number.